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11 novembre 2014

Hairy Tahitians - Les poilus tahitiens

Just this once, because we are the 11th of november, this is not one of my photo. I took it on this blog
There is a street in Papeete (Tahiti island) whose name is "avenue des poilus tahitiens"(hairy tahitians street) , tribute to those who battled for France 100 years ago.
"Poilus" (Hairy) is used to name the soldiers of WWI.

Une fois n'est pas coutume, parce que nous sommes le 11 novembre et que je n'ai pas de photo personnelle, j'ai pris cette photo sur le blog
Il y a une "avenue des poilus tahitiens" à Papeete à Tahiti, en hommage à ceux qui ont combattu pour la France il y a 100 ans. 

8 commentaires:

  1. Ah! Really? ... too funny ... but why are they known as that?

    Australian soldiers from WW1 came to be known as "diggers", because they fought from trenches, and soldiers spent a lot of time digging trenches, to start with, and then clearing them out when they eventually collapsed. All our soldiers from WW1 onwards have been known as Diggers (with the word now with a capital letter).


    1. Definitely Julie. There seems to be 2 reasons for the name "poilu". In one hand, ther is the explanation that men in trenches did'nt shave. However, this reason is not plausible for all the duration of the war because when gas masks appeared, they had to shave ... In the other hand, in old familiar french language, the word was used to name a courageous, virile and resolute man.
      I think the name "diggers" is more appropriate but "poilus" is more funny :/ ...

  2. The Brits of course got the moniker Tommies. We got referred to as Canucks in that war.

  3. Poignant that they fought for France.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  4. bel hommage a tous ceux qui sont partis de leur île vers l'enfer !

    1. Ca semble incroyable en effet ... quel choc démultiplié ils ont dû avoir ...


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