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6 novembre 2014

Hawaiki Nui outrigger canoe race - La course de pirogues de l'Hawaiki Nui

This race of outrigger canoes (tahitian pirogues named va'a) lasts for 3 days in november (this year 5,6 and 7 of november).
The paddlers go from Huahine to Bora-Bora, via Raiatea and Tahaa (look at the map ).
In these islands, the Hawaiki Nui race is the event of the year.
I had the chance to assist this race while I was in Tahaa in 2009.

La course de pirogues tahitiennes (pirogues à balancier appelées va'a) de l'Hawaiki Nui se déroule en 3 jours, chaque année début novembre (cette année les 5, 6 et 7 novembre).
Les rameurs partent de l'île de Huahine pour arriver à Bora-Bora, via Raiatea et Tahaa (voir carte).
C'est l'événement de l'année pour ces petites îles.
J'ai eu la chance de pouvoir observer cette course alors que j'étais à Tahaa en 2009.

Photo par ©TahitiDailyPhoto - Novembre 2009 - Tahaa island

13 commentaires:

  1. Fun and good exercise at the same time!

  2. When I look on Your pictures, from cold Norway, I feel the worm.

  3. Les couleurs sont hallucinantes. Tu étais sur un bateau je suppose...

    1. Même pas ... j'étais sur un ponton et j'ai utilisé mon zoom. Là, ils naviguaient autour de Tahaa, dans le lagon. Ce sont de vrais sportifs pour une épreuve excessivement éprouvante. Quant aux couleurs et à la luminosité, en Polynésie, elles sont tout simplement magiques.

    2. Yes, your untouched colours are mesmerising. So clean ...

  4. What would be the breakdown of the population for French Polynesia? I guess that is the real name, rather than Tahiti, which is but the main island. Is it a country in its own right, or a French dependency? And the population: how many are descendents of original inhabitants, how many are expats, and how many tourists?

    Sorry ... lots of questions ...

  5. Less than 300 000 people live in French Polynesia, and nearly 200 000 live on the main island Tahiti. 67 islands are inhabited, out of a total of 118. Polynesian people have the french nationality and the official language is french. However, the territory has a pretty high degree of autonomy (it has its own Assembly for example), it has a special status of "overseas country" not comparable to other overseas french "territories". As you can see on the map at the top of this page, French Polynesia is large as Europe and 99,91% of the territory is water !
    Hope I haven't wrote nonsense. If so, my polynesian friend will correct me ;)
    Thanks for your interest Julie.

    1. And I'm not sure about the data but there are about 80% of Polynesian people, 10-12% of Europeans, and 10% of Chinese. Obviously, there are a lot of Metis. But unlike in Hawaii and New Zealand (which are historically Polynesian), in french Polynesia, local people are still very present everywhere and there is a real rebirth of traditions and their culture is alive !

    2. Yes, the maps are a brilliant idea for me. Autonomy and its own Assembly is good. However, I wonder also how economically independent FP is.


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