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5 novembre 2014

Raivavae's lagoon - Le lagon de Raivavae

Raivavae is a quiet and calm island in Australes archipelago. This picture has been taken near from Raivavae's roof, mount Hiro (about 440 meters) ... This is a trek that you remember all your life.

Raivavae est une île paisible de l'archipel des Australes. Cette photo a été prise près du point culminant, le mont Hiro (environ 440 mètres). C'est une randonnée qu'on ne peut oublier.

Photos par © Tahiti Daily Photo - Octobre 2011 - Raivavae island

9 commentaires:

  1. Oh le turquoise... Et voilà que William en parle français ! ;-)

  2. Thanks to all of you and for the word in french William :)
    One precision : I never retouch my photos : the colors are original.

  3. The reef looks spectacular! I imagine it is full of corals. Is there much scuba-diving within it?

    1. Julie, there is no scuba-diving center in Raivavae. There is no hotel, less than 1000 people live there and there are very few (but very lucky) tourists, ... but you can snorkel in this huge tropical aquarium !

  4. Snorkeling would suit me just fine. I have a good friend who scuba-dives all over the world, but there is too much pressure on my lungs, as I am asthmatic.

    1. I "only" scuba--dived 2 times in French Polynesia ... but with manta rays ! As the water is very clear, you can see very deeply ... it's a pleasure to snorkel, often with harmless sharks.


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