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23 mars 2015

Bungalow in Tikehau

Tikehau is an atoll in Tuamotu archipelago. Ther is one flying hour from Tahiti to Tikehau.

Tikehau est un atoll dans l'archipel des Tuamotu. Il y a une heure de vol entre Tahiti et Tikehau.

Photo par ©TahitiDailyPhoto - Mars 2010 - Tikehau atoll

11 commentaires:

  1. wonderful photo. love the composition .. the trees, the chairs under the trees, and the boat add a lot.

  2. Réponses
    1. Exact Halcyon : who needs more ? The recurrent question I asked myself in such conditions was : "why am I owning so many (unnecessary) things" ?

  3. The epitome of peaceful TDP, sublime!


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