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12 mars 2015

Le CET de Paihoro (1/2)

Le Centre d'Enfouissement Technique de Paihoro, près de la presqu'île, recueille les déchets ultimes de Tahiti (sauf ceux de la commune de Faa'a) et de Moorea, soit environ 190 tonnes par jour.

The technical landfill center of Paihoro, near the peninsula, collects the final waste of Tahiti (except those of  Faa'a) and Moorea, about 190 tons per day.

 Photos par ©TahitiDailyPhoto - Février 2015 - Tahiti

Click here to see the garbage dump of Faa'a

More info about this centre and waste processing pratices in french Polynesia (only in french, sorry ...) :

6 commentaires:

  1. C'est l'autre coté du paradis. Mais c'est important de le montrer. Tous qu'on touche a bien un impact...

  2. This is the side of cities, towns, and villages, that I joined City Daily Photo as a blogger to see. If I only wanted the glossy tourist side of a place, I would just send for a brochure. Thank you Anna for being brave enough to show the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    1. Yes Julie, easy to find paradisiac photos of french Polynesia (but it's relative : search "Tahiti" in google images ... all that you see is not Tahiti but other islands !!! ) . That's why for me, it is important on this blog to show the paradisiac side (that definitively does exist) but also the "everyday life" side, and even the ugly side. These garbage photos come from a polynesian friend who also want this side of his islands to be shown. There's a lot to do to educate people about their waste products.

  3. A very different side of the area, Anna.

  4. Beurk. Partout la même chose, nos déchets...

  5. I never think of a Paradise as having so much waste, Hmmm.


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