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21 avril 2015

Le lagon de Bora-Bora (5)

Retour à Bora-Bora avec des photos de l'environnement de l'hôtel Intercontinental.

Back to Bora Bora with pictures of the environment of the Intercontinental hotel.

 Photos par ©TahitiDailyPhoto - Avril 2011 - Bora-Bora

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    1. The destination is very expensive, beacuse it is far from everything. First you have to go there. Then, if you stay in one of those hotels, the price becomes crazy. I was thinking that Bora-Bora is a touristic place. It is, but in a very relative way. No possible comparison in terms of number of tourists between Bora-Bora and other well known "paradisiac" places in the world, for example Hawaii.

  2. It is difficult to see another mountain alike.


  3. Wow! Who knew water could be so blue...

  4. I like the various shades of blue and green!


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