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3 mai 2015

Aéroports du bout du monde - Faraway airports

Les aéroports du bout du monde, ceux des petites îles qui ont la chance d'avoir un aéroport pour  quelques centaines d'habitants, ressemblent à ça en Polynésie française : juste l'essentiel, avec évidemment du personnel qui travaille uniquement quelques heures les jours où il y a un vol.

 Airports at the ends of the Earth, those of small islands that have the chance to have an airport for only a few hundred inhabitants, are like that in French Polynesia. There is obviously just the basics with no permanent staff for only a few flights per week (sometimes only 2 per week).

Extérieur - Aéroport de l'atoll de Mataiva

Intérieur - Aéroport de l'atoll de Tikehau
 Photos par ©TahitiDailyPhoto

4 commentaires:

  1. The construction suits the environment. Many airstrips are like this in parts of our north- places inaccessible by car, but indispensable for air access. The facilities are small considering they might have a handful of flights in a week.

  2. I like the building's appearance. Thank goodness for airports in otherwise difficult to reach places!


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